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Could this 'miracle' grain from Africa become the next quinoa?

Fonio is yet another classic example of Africa's amazing hidden treasures. It is a very good thing that not all of Africa's rich resources are exploited. This superfood is unknown to most but could benefit you!

"It is nutritious, particularly rich in methionine and cysteine, two amino acids that are deficient in most other major grains: barley, rice or wheat to name a few," the chef said of fonio at the recently concluded TEDGlobal Conference in Tanzania.

Thankfully, Fonio is another one of Africana African Shop's offerings! Fonio available for purchase here

Imagine enjoying this African delight from wherever you are in the world? THAT is the beauty of staying connected to Africana! We are constantly searching the whole African continent for these hidden treasures and securing the connections we need to bring them to you!

CLICK HERE to Check out CNN's recent article about Fonio

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