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Hoping this finds everyone well! We have fresh product and also new products.



This is the last shipment of yam before new crop is released. New crop / Puna Yam always comes with increased cost. This will be the lowest price yam will be until this time next year!!!! Many of you prefer old crop to new and if that is the case it is time to get them. Right now Yam is going for $1.75 per pound in store. Next week when new crop arrives we anticipate at least double cost.


In Addition to Fresh Yam and Plantain we have Sweet Bread, Butter Bread and Hard dough Bread! Yum! Who can pass up fresh bread anyway?

New Products

  • Benjamin's castor oil

  • Fonio

  • Bitter Root Powder Drink (FreeTown)

  • Chikwangue

  • White Masarepa

Website updates

Thank you all for your continued patience and loyalty as we continue to update our site to better serve you. Please feel free to reach out via email : africanakzoo@gmail.com

or phone:


to order products not yet added online or with any other questions, concerns or comments. We remain committed to provide exceptional service to our valued customers.

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