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We Apologize for the brief interruption.....We are improving

Kindly bear with us over the next week or so as we finalize or transition to our new website and incorporate the best shipping rates possible for your convenience. We are in the process of launching our new and improved online store to be more global friendly.

Please do not hesitate to Call us at 269-365-0919 or Email africanakzoo@gmail.com if you are experiencing issues placing your order. We are happy to help you find the product you need. We appreciate your business and appreciate your kindness and patience while we work hard to better our services.


Welcome to 2017!

Africana African Shop is the number one provider of African goods to Africans around the globe. It is an interesting fact that almost one person from every African household is living abroad. Many African citizens leave their home continent to pursue dreams elsewhere. Whether you have landed in UK, Italy, US and Canada or any other location on the globe, we can help bring you all your favorite items from home.

Whether you are a Kenyan craving Ugali, a Nigerian craving a Yam, a Ghanian wanting KenKey and Shito we can help! We will get it to you no matter where in the world you currently are. Africana has teamed with the best carriers worldwide, class A distributors and suppliers to provide you the best African products at the lowest prices possible. Best of all - your order will come directly to your door. One of the things we admire most about our customers is their commitment and loyalty to not only their loved ones back home but also their devotion to cultural practices. Many native food items that provide supreme nutritional benefits are unknown by most of the world and therefore unavailable to those living abroad. We are happy to fill that void and bring these items reminiscent of home to you all over the world.

Because Africana African Shop specializes in African grocery we have extensive knowledge and resources to supply your wishes from both East and West Africa.

Our customer service alone will move you to rely soley on our resources and connections. Trusting in us is easy because it isn't just about business; it is about making life abroad taste a little more like home. Our family treats you like family because we are all ONE people!

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